Executing tests

Start new Test Run

Go to Runs Page and select Test Cases that you want to execute.

Note: Test cases without any steps cannot be selected for execution. To execute a test case, it must contain at least one Test Step.

After clicking Run selected tests you will be taken to the test run page.


Test Run

Test Run page

Test Run is where you track the progress of your test execution.


How to use Test Run:

  • Click Fail or Pass on a step.
  • Passed Step will allow you to move to the next Step.
  • If all Steps are passed, the whole Case is passed.
  • If any Step fails, the entire Case fails.
  • When the step fails, you can provide details of the error in the actual result field

Failing Step


Run Report

After passing or failing all the cases, you will see the test execution report:

Run Report

You can expand any Case to see each Step and Actual Result in case of failing Step.