Project structure

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The structure of the TestBucket project is as follows:

  • Test Suites
    • Test Cases
      • Test Steps

Test Suite

Test Suite is a collection of a group of tests that describes a given functionality. It can be a broader collection, such as Authentication.

The test cases in a test suite can be run independently or as a whole set, and the order of the cases does not affect the test result.

Test Case

Test Case is a specific task that application's user can perform. For example, fill in the form, log in to the application, add an attachment, etc.

The Step Test consists of steps to be performed while the test is running.

Test Step

Each step contains the action to be performed during testing and the expected result. For a case to be passed, each step must produce the expected result.

Add your first Test Suite to the Project

Click Suite + To add your first Test Suite:


Create Test Suite


You can now start writing your Test Steps.


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